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What we can offer.

Parishes Online (P-OL) is a new service, set up by a practicing parish clerk who also happens to have a modest skill in web design. HM Government has once again added to our already full workload by imposing yet another 'requirement' on local councils without appearing to take into consideration the difficulties that complying with these requirements can bring to the Clerks already stretched time resources.
At this time, not many small parish councils operate their own website. Creating a site demands a good deal of time and effort and some dedication if you are to maintain a site and keep it up to date and relevant to its community.
You could have a website created for you, and this may be the right choice if you desire to publish more than just the requirements of the Transparency Code, but this option can be a costly and time consuming process involving detailed planning and a lot of decision making. The Parishes-Online site is designed to allow your council the time to consider all of these factors in a thorough and considered way, while at the same time enabling you to fulfill your obligations under this new legislation. If you later decide to develop your own website then it will be simple matter to withdraw from any committment to Parishes-Online when your own site is up and running.
The service offered by P-OL allows a small council, who may have neither the desire nor the skills to set up and operate their own website, the opportunity to satisfy their legal requirements in respect of compliance with the Transparency Code for Small Local Authorities with the minimum of cost and only a little extra effort (most of which comes only once each year)    How does this work?    Initially, the council provides P-OL with a set of the required documents (in digital format) and these are loaded onto your councils' dedicated page on the website by P-OL and are available for public viewing thereafter. The public have full and free access to this site as required under the legislation.

Or, alternatively, the information can be added to the website directly by your council (via the Clerk, or other individual charged with this purpose). A Content Management System (CMS) can be set up to allow this from any internet connected computer via a secure login process. More details are included in the 'Service Fees' information document.

The Cost? Council finances are always stretched thinly and P-OL was created to offer a solution without adding to this burden unneccessarily. Our charges are calculated to cover our costs only. We do not wish to profit from this new requirement and believe that both Councils and hard pressed Clerks should see the benefit of this approach. For a breakdown of charges that may apply for these services please download the information here. Service Fees (PDF)